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Conversation’s with Christyna features media personality and transitions expert Christyna Giles Washington. Christyna, a financial expert, mother, sports fan, sorority sister, published author, divorce’ and conversationalist, developed a reputation for masterfully networking amongst professionals and everyday people pulling out incredible stories of the road they traveled. It has been through these connections that Christyna created Conversation’s with Christyna, You may say that Conversations with Christyna is where professionals get personal… for professionals, spanning generations gather in her backyard or at her kitchen table to talk about the intersections of life and career.

Christyna, (a YouTube personality) steers and encourages direct, honest, humorous, at times tragic-comic, even painful dialogue in an easy-going style which has become a signature of her style.

Guest on Conversation’s with Christyna can be found using the platform to raise awareness around some of the most fascinating yet heretofore under examined subjects such as; diversity, the battle of the sexes, civil rights, faith and healing, marriage, divorce and family balance.

Conversation’s with Christyna believes that we are human beings with our successes and our anguish in tote. We are all sharing a common walk and it’s the work of this show and it’s affiliates to make clear that work.